Athula Herath, ny medarbetare på Nya Andrum

Master Athula Herath

I was born with a special gift of super energy that I have developed through my life.
I take this super energy to help for people to be healthy.

I come from a Buddhist culture and I live with the Buddhist philosophy.>
When I was 5 years old I started to practice meditation and to help for people.
A few years later I started to practice yoga. I practiced yoga and meditation together for many years until I suddenly figured out one Master in the deep jungle. I was very lucky to meet him and very lucky that he choose me to give more knowledge and I really appreciate what he did for me still.
I practiced with him for 7 years. That was my life changing time.
He clearly showed me and helped me to develop my knowledge and inner power to connect with the universe. He taught me how to work with my super power to help for people to be healthy.
The 7 years I spent in the jungle with my Master made me a super healer and yoga Master. After this time I studied Ayurveda for a couple of years to get to know more about the human body system.

Until today I work with the combination of my super energy, practices and education to help for people physically, mentally, emotionally, sexually and spiritually to keep the balance to continue normal life and to enjoy.
If anyone needs my help you are welcome to visit me.

Athula Herath
Telefon 0729745026